2019 Wishbook

Every year the board selects a new project from the yearly Wishbook on behalf of the Washington, DC Patrons.

In addition, many individual members have also selected projects over the years to personally sponsor a work of art to continue our mission or, perhaps, adopted in the name of a loved one.

Our 2019 Wishbook documents all of the projects that our restoration staff and museums experts have identified as being in the most urgent need of funding.

You can contact Judy Martin at jgmartin1231@aol.com to receive a copy of this year’s Wishbook or¬†browse¬†through the link below for more information.


We hope you take a moment to see the variety of projects available.  It, also, shows the importance of the Patrons to the Vatican Museums through their adoption of these important works of art for millions to enjoy for years to come.

Posted on February 10, 2019