New Restoration Project


The Board of Directors of the DC Patrons is proud to announce the adoption of a new project for 2020: The Astile Cross. Your generous donations, by being members of the Patrons of the Arts, has made the restoration of this artifact possible.

The Astile Cross is part of a collection of thirty-seven objects – including processional and altar crosses, altar cards, chalices, monstrances, incense boat, holy water fonts – contributed to Carlo Barocchi’s generous personal gift to Pope Benedict XVI.

Sold by the Pope to the Vatican Museums (June 2007), the precious silvers enrich the collection of the Decorative Arts Department. From the moment of the acquisition, the department prepared an inventory, accurate photographic campaign and the revision of the conservation status of all the artifacts, including a structural verification, cleaning and restoration interventions.

The processional cross in embossed silver and gilded copper (Tuscan silversmith, XV century?), with crucifix in silver fusion (XVIII century) and polylobed elements without decoration, is one of the ancient liturgical furnishings of the Carlo and Lucia Barocchi Collection (Florence).


Posted on July 13, 2020