Restoration Laser in Use

During the 2015 Chapter Trip to Rome in May, the DC Patrons were shown the ArtLight II Laser that was donated by the DC Chapter. This laser is used for cleaning extremely delicate works of art without damaging them. The chief conservator was extremely thankful to the Chapter for funding the equipment. He told us that he never thought he would have access to such a wonderful piece of equipment!


And right on the side of the unit is a placard noting that the DC Chapter of the Patrons made it possible.


Posted on June 5, 2015

2014 Chapter Project

The Washington, DC Chapter is purchasing an ArtLight II laser for use in the restoration laboratories at the Vatican Museums. This device will be used on a multitude of materials including stone, stucco, paintings, metal, and wood. The laser is used for selected cleaning objects without damaging their substates. This equipment, valued at over $32,000, is already in use and is being paid for by the Washington Chapter, with a final payment to be made in the spring of 2014. The restoration staff of the Museum is very grateful to have access to such an important piece of equipment.


Thanks to all the members of the Washington, DC Chapter for making this project possible!

Posted on February 22, 2014