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For more than 25 years Patrons from throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe have shown their support and concern through the conservation of the Vatican patrimony of art which stands as the most unique collection in the world.

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Projects included in the annual Wishbook have been identified by restoration staff and museums experts as being in the most urgent need of funding. See the Vatican Wishbook projects by clicking the link below.

Tours & Events

The Washington DC Chapter regularly schedules tours and events for both members and non-members, such as tours of local museums, studios and gardens, annual dinners, and chapter trips to Rome. 

Paypal Verbiage

For payments that do not have predetermined amounts, PayPal will deduct credit card fees from your donation prior to the DC Chapter receiving your gift. We ask that you please add these fees into your total donation amount. The fees to add are 2.3%+$.30 of your desired donation amount. Example: $100 desired donation = $102.60 total donation amount. If you do not add the 2.3%+$.30 amount, the Patrons will receive less than your intended donation. Example: $100 donation amount without adding fees will result in the Patrons receiving $97.50 for the project.

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