North American Chapter Leaders Meet in DC

The Washington, D.C. Chapter was honored to be asked to host the annual North American Leaders meeting, which was held at the Mayflower Hotel on September 13 – 15, 2019.

Leaders from 16 states and Canada were present, along with Father Kevin Lixey, Msgr. Terence Hogan, Dr. Barbara Jatta (Director of the Vatican Museums), Sara Savoldello (Rome Office Manager), Romina Cometti (Restoration Projects Manager) and Denise Molitsky (Coordinator for the North American Office).

We all gathered to discuss the vision for the coming year with new marketing and branding ideas, a computer program to help interact with all the Patrons, and the challenges of fundraising for the larger projects, as well as how to continue to grow the Patrons in North America.

Father Kevin remarked “There was truly a spirit of family, collegiality and collaboration that was quite remarkable. Many voiced their concerns and challenges and also some bright initiatives and possible solutions that may help us going forward.”

Dr. Jatta spoke about how the Museums operate financially and how the Patrons are vital, not only for art restoration and preservation, but also the capitol improvements needed like air conditioning, etc. to preserve the art that is already on display.

It was a successful weekend with those attending working as a team to further the mission of the Patrons.

Photos coming soon!

Posted on September 29, 2019