Chiaramonti Gallery Wall XIV

Artist: Various
Date: I to II Century A.D.
Materials: Marble

Seven artworks are exhibited in front of Wall XLV in the Chiaramonti Gallery. On the far left is a statue of Musa which rests on top of a funerary altar of Caius Clodius Amarantus. Moving towards the right rests a recently restored colossal bust of the Emperor Trajan on top of a column base, and beneath this column base another base of Quintus Plotius Romanus. On the far right stands the statue of Dionysus on top of a funeral altar that bears a modern inscription of Titus Mescenius Olympus. 

Before the restoration, there was a presence of a blackish patina-like coating, dust and debris on the surfaces. These items had been restored in the past with various integrations in plaster. Several fissures, superficial cracks and rusted iron nails were placed inside the artworks. The funerary urns presented oxidation of the red color (rubricatura).

The works of art were treated with cleaning methods aimed at the specific type of problem. The restoration procedures included:

  • Scientific analysis of the marble types and their condition
  • Overall cleaning and removal of the dust and debris
  • Removal of old restorations in plaster
  • Replacement of iron nails with stainless-steel and carbon fiber elements where needed
  • Photographic documentation

The Washington Patrons adopted this project in 2019 at a cost of $25,400. The restoration was completed in February 2020.